URLVir is an online security service developed by NoVirusThanks that automatically monitors changes of malicious EXE urls (executable files), MS Office files (DOC, XLS), Linux ELF (i.e Mirai), PDF files and Hancitor URLs (i.e hxxp://cepd[.]info/wp-content/plugins/perth-portfolio/1). The usage of this service is recommended only to security experts, we show paths of dangerous urls, so make sure you do not download anything, unless you know what you are doing.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of false positive.

Last checked malicious urls

In total we are monitoring 51 active malicious urls.

ChangedURLIP AddressFile MD5 HashFile SizeStatus
2022-12-04 http://mrfreeman.shop/DgxuGixW... 11decf56a91f4ea86c6e6143c0aefbea 1.37 MB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://petalsofjoy.org/wp-cont... 05e0bbeb4452eb1e90ba6e2c730519df 1.79 MB ONLINE
2022-12-04 9535b5de77d9f18ee8f2fdd5edf1b3d0 381.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://h166135.srv12.test-hf.s... b9157cd95bfaaaf53a58039b26630cd2 696.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://mail.cleercom.com/hat.e... c91c4f236a8ba9195cfb4d0be62728a2 290.14 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 db102a67350060a1e967aef81118f18d 311.09 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 97ff652d7a6d48be8416e8dd12a916ae 2.31 MB ONLINE
2022-12-04 f5bea76ffac05afbe19274595801184e 278.64 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 2364501a86685f9a53d37d339549cee5 904.50 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 94eee2b3f0cdd96443ce5b40fdfbb478 271.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 aa6e6f56b59e2f0c00266386a2962103 820.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://79.137.206... 93d4136dad69e7326c166d6b95c82660 342.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://colchoesagf.com.br/wp-i... d0c67160c740f62c25b0558e9563a824 371.50 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 https://a.pomf.cat/... 7e319c1315d5b97983fb7cb4d93ddf0c 65.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 77e1b6b2cc11e127c0f436f25c4b43e2 1012.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://colchoesagf.com.br/wp-i... a735ff10e359539181c1eca593091ee6 268.50 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 7b4509311aeadf5770e2c3a01e362090 1.14 MB ONLINE
2022-12-04 4d83e58ab22eda61302b755a827ffa57 1.19 MB ONLINE
2022-12-04 b334b3f51ba68fe25f487850ee9710ed 880.00 KB ONLINE
2022-12-04 http://colchoesagf.com.br/wp-i... 4eaa6e384d2708b2959bb7c542eb6539 321.50 KB ONLINE

We have downloaded 34,994 malware files.