URLVir is an online security service developed by NoVirusThanks that automatically monitors changes of malicious EXE urls (executable files), MS Office files (DOC, XLS), Linux ELF (i.e Mirai), PDF files and Hancitor URLs (i.e hxxp://cepd[.]info/wp-content/plugins/perth-portfolio/1). The usage of this service is recommended only to security experts, we show paths of dangerous urls, so make sure you do not download anything, unless you know what you are doing.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of false positive.

Last checked malicious urls

In total we are monitoring 640 active malicious urls.

ChangedURLIP AddressFile MD5 HashFile SizeStatus
2019-08-23 http://tunggalmandiri.com/cl/m... 6021244a7c01a46aebb98f058254d725 800.50 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 0c1a0a44f36273f722ec6367aff10a72 17.54 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 fe9694561d4142b4143541c0d77b0580 17.48 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 fb0cdd77abe352c8914b7654c450813a 15.86 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 041d22c08b0d2ae1407b940343d69d16 21.84 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 041d22c08b0d2ae1407b940343d69d16 21.84 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 eab286766b7735f7cd844a62c56fcd8b 9.38 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 4dae325f38d8b0191743b5469eff6d3c 31.07 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 2f0e16cdc33c04b82a398261432fdc3d 18.22 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 41db88c28e7214d5b356e37058684ea8 18.32 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 b448589d48a80b8e24c0e730c6c36aad 16.85 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 2c7a80b0f683cc29e3dfc24903d4f30b 25.95 KB ONLINE
2019-08-23 e6d5f28740038c13c154896bbc2d8916 34.36 KB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://ghwls44.gabia.io/Encryp... d2aca4967231eb63f091ddadb9a364de 937.05 KB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://wispy-saiki-208s.namast... cacf1f2dd3da57721a438d7c3e6b5219 1.22 MB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://zerozerozeronullexploit... f58835de00f4f569b90d86654a45dff9 573.00 KB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://salon.bio.poitou.free.f... beeb267f02d85bd60bdfa3b2f30c2e27 825.00 KB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://goodnutrition.co/wp-con... 1056967429bae88264188743890a1a5e 1.33 MB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://axionapp.mon-applicatio... 47826ef88edb55937e176fdeaae4e5ed 1.35 MB ONLINE
2019-08-22 http://www.kssthailand.com/wp-... 34336be81874cf37fd35e2d9c5ab886d 1.33 MB ONLINE

We have downloaded 30,611 malware files.