URLVir is an online security service developed by NoVirusThanks that automatically monitors changes of malicious EXE urls (executable files), MS Office files (DOC, XLS), Linux ELF (i.e Mirai), PDF files and Hancitor URLs (i.e hxxp://cepd[.]info/wp-content/plugins/perth-portfolio/1). The usage of this service is recommended only to security experts, we show paths of dangerous urls, so make sure you do not download anything, unless you know what you are doing.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of false positive.

Last checked malicious urls

In total we are monitoring 237 active malicious urls.

ChangedURLIP AddressFile MD5 HashFile SizeStatus
2020-01-27 875bd458748ff02674571f2321bfd0f1 29.20 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 0aff99dc7839c6ad2b22b9b6ae38874f 62.85 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 985201168de774b11bd37a09fd2f7f83 72.82 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 6fd316e193b708dcef9724453272cd79 30.12 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 74aed0e21fb88e7c64b716171d97fae4 31.22 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 dc4851dd4606c399b6251249f8761632 27.62 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 f6b75edcf8530dc6867b054ed27b02a2 33.68 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 e93c52bb251db4c4217e13c7a16c25d7 52.38 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 320939a15ec030fc5219d1a3e0639e85 64.39 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 e4fdcf963532e3293b5a255602d9d9bc 29.26 KB ONLINE
2020-01-27 4f118fbe5f912380bac16c71baeb1d7d 25.68 KB ONLINE
2020-01-26 https://datingonme.online/webs... 400516bdd11c5d53959a4c30fe768b07 2.14 MB ONLINE
2020-01-26 http://mshhmasvx.com/client.ex... 90b29797d49f4bec1ab0871e3cd4e7a1 1.58 MB OFFLINE
2020-01-26 http://mshhmasvx.com/server.ex... 72592129fa1168489c527ec8da7d5733 1.58 MB OFFLINE
2020-01-26 http://american-xpression.com/... 815788f5c6bd2755e51384ced5f7260d 27.25 KB ONLINE
2020-01-26 http://housepro.vn/wp-admin/Do... 31c7d70ecb77ce36653b0cb3a0f628ee 252.95 KB OFFLINE
2020-01-26 http://mshhmasvx.com... a4f7ea9a5c1d599ecfabd3242b17ddd3 838.50 KB OFFLINE
2020-01-26 http://mshhmasvx.com/Panel_Lab... 7f315d0f811b263c3f4189008c48baa7 16.51 KB ONLINE
2020-01-26 http://ektisadona.com/wp-inclu... b28ac13475bfa5af9555ee68b1a1fcd1 254.21 KB OFFLINE
2020-01-26 https://247legalservices.com/p... b28ac13475bfa5af9555ee68b1a1fcd1 254.21 KB OFFLINE

We have downloaded 32,471 malware files.