URLVir is an online security service developed by NoVirusThanks that automatically monitors changes of malicious EXE urls (executable files), MS Office files (DOC, XLS), Linux ELF (i.e Mirai), PDF files and Hancitor URLs (i.e hxxp://cepd[.]info/wp-content/plugins/perth-portfolio/1). The usage of this service is recommended only to security experts, we show paths of dangerous urls, so make sure you do not download anything, unless you know what you are doing.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of false positive.

Last checked malicious urls

In total we are monitoring 649 active malicious urls.

ChangedURLIP AddressFile MD5 HashFile SizeStatus
2019-06-17 http://storage.alfaeducation.m... 2d80ae673b0b10e449d4e3009b5885d1 549.50 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 http://protest-01242505.tk/azo... 3341801064e37eef15b680bb4e7aa90e 112.00 KB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 3360551c805494156415fa4d8f54a121 238.50 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 http://palmareslaquinquirilla.... 998d9f0899bd8d78a93b63e8e53a73b4 948.50 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 c1024f622e9a5b09b9029fc5e1ff15b4 113.64 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 http://209.141.50... 15042469b8466fd38d60c3127cf3da06 110.50 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 http://209.141.... d18de69c320bc0e920e547bce9d61e7c 121.45 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 6465f16c75b685dd9b0cfe14e875b701 117.94 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 a4d27dad4d6842ea5c4105664ba31ee9 115.55 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 http://209.141.5... 0c879290bdf308e0c1752092d211d166 91.37 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 5fb9d7039439fabc2e6d9118438f8a1c 117.94 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 ed7c5bdbcefef28bde1dfa0f20e8daa0 150.86 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 31d84f8fc519a1512e92b0bf1cb0b2c9 55.39 KB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 http://209.141.... 6f80f32dacd175b85aacbcfb3627c1c5 93.84 KB ONLINE
2019-06-16 315879ad0d77419035e067689f671f1f 65.30 KB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 47f86780f14e683dc1744be16a7561e3 87.24 KB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 d12745129494f256ab8123f782210531 64.59 KB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 101be650da547e396f6a85d319d8c02a 64.81 KB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 http://southerntrailsexpeditio... 91d3d1cd42a040259a1da060dfa380ef 1.06 MB OFFLINE
2019-06-16 98e368b0ac0c6f5ecf888e7b04636127 141.79 KB OFFLINE

We have downloaded 29,321 malware files.