URLVir is an online security service developed by NoVirusThanks that automatically monitors changes of malicious EXE urls (executable files), MS Office files (DOC, XLS), Linux ELF (i.e Mirai), PDF files and Hancitor URLs (i.e hxxp://cepd[.]info/wp-content/plugins/perth-portfolio/1). The usage of this service is recommended only to security experts, we show paths of dangerous urls, so make sure you do not download anything, unless you know what you are doing.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of false positive.

Last checked malicious urls

In total we are monitoring 146 active malicious urls.

ChangedURLIP AddressFile MD5 HashFile SizeStatus
2020-04-06 http://servipekal.com/shadowz1... 9209a88a3573aef3ee04a0a27b0e1d26 1.92 MB ONLINE
2020-04-06 http://securoyou.co... 685a95c77ae8b0c28192f759e5405ee5 249.57 KB ONLINE
2020-04-06 http://birthdaytrend.top/gvxbh... cbd708e5723e455c5ed35cdaa6e8cbe3 242.00 KB ONLINE
2020-04-06 http://birthdaytrend.top/kjdls... 44128549b089848ee8350416d3f5e016 202.50 KB ONLINE
2020-04-06 http://birthdaytrend.top/gfhvg... 9099eac7b972d5336ea8e583d83ea2c8 242.00 KB ONLINE
2020-04-05 http://contentedmerc.xyz/BAYgO... 875071870de4fad3639b04a6b7f3f3fb 1.08 MB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 9b6c3518a91d23ed77504b5416bfb5b3 78.40 KB ONLINE
2020-04-05 5f68748f248dc288d746ffe5c7d05a59 100.00 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 https://www.remsoft.it/conrol/... cbc3413b21f71e9fbd54125455e50238 944.08 KB ONLINE
2020-04-05 4dde761681684d7edad4e5e1ffdb940b 106.26 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 http://155.ip-51-161-9.net/AB4... 502e8459564e66d6158178633fee0f72 73.36 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 3807fbe107ab804b1ec86c680493cf2e 28.84 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 834c5ccdfb23b2e7b53623ad2958e602 25.96 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 839edcdcb7e76da3820bb6ff62477fb7 33.30 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 23263e90062f3467d3399ccee0b4f6ff 52.05 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 5e23073fd680f7096c07aac173ec4ed9 62.54 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 f1fdd8682ad69be8db3780bda137d26b 29.81 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 521c291fef6538df5a04b88cb1abc800 30.90 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 820fb08c97ed2c90ed67d31a6150b210 27.29 KB OFFLINE
2020-04-05 e0ce70d37767a3d684d00ded6740b16c 60.94 KB OFFLINE

We have downloaded 32,599 malware files.